Vinegar Syndrome’s Subscriber Week 2023 FAQ

Vinegar Syndrome
4 min readDec 29, 2022

#1. What exactly is Subscriber Week?

The first seven days of the new year will be a celebration of all things VS (especially since it will mark our 10 year anniversary!). We will be offering Subscriptions during this seven day period, along with all kinds of other goodies and deals.

The festivities at will kick off exactly at 12:01 PM EST on Sunday, January 1st and will continue through Saturday, January 7th at 11:59 PM EST. New products (disc releases & merch) will be added to the site everyday at exactly 12:01 PM EST.

We will also have a special section featuring 10 products that will be discounted to $10/each, refreshed on a daily basis at 12:01 PM EST. This will include all types of VS related releases and some Partner Label titles. Inventory in this section may be limited, so it will be first come, first served.

#2. Will I be able to add to an existing order during this period?

Yes! We will be enabling our famous and free “Add to my existing order” shipping option during this 7-day period. Just pay for shipping on your first order, then select the free “Add to my existing order” shipping option throughout the week.

#3. What is a Subscription? How much will it cost?

Being a Subscriber is hands down the best way to experience all things Vinegar Syndrome. The benefits are absolutely massive. As a Subscriber, you’ll not only get every single 2023 VS branded release (including all slipcover editions, mystery and surprise titles, etc.) at 50% off SRP, but your orders will ship before everyone else’s! And we’re not done yet: All subscribers will receive exclusive 50% off SRP discounts good for each and every title released by our sub-labels in 2023: Vinegar Syndrome Archive (VSA), Vinegar Syndrome Ultra (VSU), Vinegar Syndrome Pictures (VSP), Vinegar Syndrome Labs (VSL) (see below!) and Peekarama. Subscribers will also receive 50% off SRP on our growing roster of Partner Labels for 2023 releases. Just explore the Partner Label section of our website for a glimpse into the eclectic mixture of Labels.

We sell our annual subscriptions as a single purchase and we expect the prices to be around:

Domestic U.S. = $980
Canada = + $100 for shipping
International = + $170 for shipping

#4. I purchased the ‘Reserve Now & Save’ product, what do I need to know?

Thanks for reserving your spot for a Subscription! Because you purchased the $25 ‘Reserve Now & Save’ product, you will be receiving a $50 coupon towards becoming a 2023 Subscriber by email later this month.

#5. I’m a current Subscriber in 2022, what do I need to know?

Big thanks for being with us in 2022! You will be receiving your exclusive $70 Renewal Coupon later this month, good towards renewing your subscription in 2023.

#6. What about Subscriber related discounts during the Subscriber Week period?

Good question. If you are looking to become a Subscriber in 2023, you should do that FIRST before purchasing anything else. Immediately after completing checkout on a Subscription, qualifying products will automatically be discounted to 50% off SRP and future orders will automatically be added to your first Subscriber package for the month of January.

#7. Do you have a day-by-day breakdown of what products will be added?

Important note: the ‘4 Regular VS’ titles are included in the 2023 Subscription. Everything else will be available at a discounted rate (50% off SRP) for 2023 Subscribers.

January 1st at 12:01 PM EST
4 Regular VS & 1 VSU
9 Partner Labels

January 2nd at 12:01 PM EST

January 3rd at 12:01 PM EST

January 4th at 12:01 PM EST
1 Peekarama

January 5th at 12:01 PM EST
Merch Day!

January 6th at 12:01 PM EST

January 7th at 12:01 PM EST

#8. What is VSL?

With the new year will come the introduction of a new VS sub label: Vinegar Syndrome Labs (VSL). As with each of our sub-labels we are hoping to expand and defy expectations with the diversity of films we restore and release. As the name implies, VSL will serve as a kind of testing area for releasing genres and eras of film that one might not immediately expect to come from VS. These films released under VSL will still satisfy and intrigue more adventurous fans of genre cinema, with the first couple (both dropping during Subscriber Week) being of the horror and fantasy variety, though from a time and place we’ve never before explored. The ultimate objective of VSL will be to see if these types of films will find an audience, and if so, pursue and release more of them…and even if not, still serve as a means of restoring more of the weird, rare, and unusual movies you might not expect from Vinegar Syndrome.

#9. When will everything ship?

We will begin shipping orders placed during this period in late-January, with 2023 Subscriber packages being shipped first.

#10. I have a specific question that was not answered here.
Send us an email at and we will respond as soon as possible.